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In Revision

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In Revision

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In Revision

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In Revision

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Highlighted by Nature Chemical Biology LINK

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Highlighted by Nature Chemistry LINK
Highlighted by Nature Chemical Biology LINK

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Chosen as an ACS Editors' Choice Article

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Chosen as a Very Important Paper

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Part of a Biochemistry special issue “Regulating the Central Dogma.”

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Highlighted in the Biochemistry "News Flash"

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Highlighted in "News & Views" at Nature Chemical Biology
Highlighted in "Methods in Brief" at Nature Methods

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[ MotifMap-RNA Web Server ]

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This article was chosen as an "Issue Highlight" by Bioessays
Highlighted by Chemistry Views

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Papers from the Rob Spitale (University of Rochester and Stanford University)

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Highlight in Nature Reviews Genetics
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Link to paper

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Cited as a "Science and Technology Highlight" by C&E News

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Chosen as a "Hot Paper" by Biochemistry

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Highlited in JBC as the "Paper of the Week"
Rob Spitale and Andrew Torelli Highlight

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