Spitale Research Group | UC Irvine

RNA Chemical & Systems Biology


  Welcome to our lab website! Our lab is affiliated with the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the Department of Chemistry, the Department of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, the Interdepartmental Nueroscience Program, the Center for Neurobiology Learning and Memory, and the Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center (CFCCC) at the University of Califoria, Irvine.

   Our lab research is focused at understanding how the flow of genetic information is controlled inside cells and altered to result in disease phenotypes. We are particularly interested in understanding how Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) molecules control such pathways. We focus on developing novel chemical approaches toward this difficult problem. We are also interested in how chemistry or new chemical methods can be developed toward understanding how RNA molecules fold into complex structures, how they interact with proteins, and finally where they are localized within living cells. We also focus on diving into the biological significance of our observations, by seeking a causal relationship between RNA function and disease. We lastly aim to provide novel insight that could be utilized in the design of novel therapeutic strategies for controlling and/or preventing deleterious RNA functions.

  Our group aims to provide a strongly positive, highly-interactive, and rigorous educational environment. We focus on providing a scientifically diverse program that synergizes chemistry, biology, and genomics. In this way, members will be exposed to a broad-range of disciplines, therefore providing them with insight into diverse biological problems and unique ways of tackling them. In every case, our lab strives to provide an environment that challenges the students (of all levels) to achieve what they once thought was possible.